About me

simply mom (9 of 30)

My name is Joanna Matysiak, I’m 34 and for the past 14 years I’ve lived in England. I’m a very happy wife and a mother of two amazing children. My son Oli is 9, and my daughter Nell has just turned two.

My great passion for healthy lifestyle started in 2012 when my eldest was diagnosed with autism. With the intention of getting to know and better understand the condition, I started looking on my own for alternative treatments.

I read countless articles and books, watched hundreds of films, TV programs and interviews, all that to be able to help my child. Very soon understanding the condition of my son became my passion. He wasn’t sick to me and I didn’t want others to perceive him that way either. I didn’t expect of him any less just because he had the condition.

Autism is a very complicated condition of the whole body and mind. I am aware that it is not fully treatable, however, I deeply believe that you can alleviate or even eliminate some of its symptoms. By helping the child in a particular way, you can improve the quality of their life and make it easier for them to function within the society.

In 2012 I felt helpless as if I’d plunged head first down a huge precipice, today I feel as if I’m standing victorious at the top of the mountain. My strength and faith helped me to understand that I cannot just give up. The everyday struggle made me want to share with other parents my experience with autism as well as with health, life and parenthood in general.

This blog is a result of my passion for parenthood. I hope you will find here a lot of useful information, opinions and advice as well as loads of mouth-watering recipes which will make your everyday struggle just a tiny bit easier.